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A letter from the Founders of OMNI Money & OMNIBirds
June 8, 2022
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Wednesday 8th June 2022

A letter from the Founders of OMNI Money & OMNIBirds

Tonight we have taken positive steps to protect the OMNI community

Dear OMNI Community,

This evening we held a Founders AMA where we outlined details of the NFT mint process beginning on the 14th June 2022 for WL members and 16th June 2022 for Public Sale.

Some of these mint details have positively changed compared to the documentation you have previously seen and so we are writing this to you, the community, so you can better understand the steps we have taken and why.

For those that missed the announcement please visit see....

As Co-Founders of OMNI Money and financial market experts with a combined circa 50 years of financial markets experience, we recognise that global financial market activity is both cyclical and repeatable.

The recent market downtrend in the Crypto space is not an isolated incident, but a reaction to global market and geo-political pressures that are far reaching and have implications across global asset classes and international borders. Regardless of where we are based, we have all felt the impact. No individual, corporation or nation is immune.

OMNI Money is a business founded with a core belief.

We recognise that consumers want to take control of their financial lives and futures and that with the appropriate tools to hand would be empowered to do so.

It is why we formed OMNI Money and why we have undertaken the sale of the OMNIBird NFT’s, to fund the future development and marketing of a personal financial application that can lead to a real change in how we all as consumers tackle our day to day lives.

We want to give people the data they need to make smart decisions for themselves and their loved ones and furnish them with financial education content that will ensure nobody feels isolated or unable to understand how the global financial system affects their lives.

Our desire is to build greater financial wellbeing and control.

Tonight , we announced a phased sale of the OMNIBird NFT’s together with a reduction in the previously headlined sale price.


The OMNI Team recognise the state of the financial markets. We do not believe that going ahead with the sale of 9,999 OMNIBird NFT’s in one phase in the current market condition optimises benefit for the early purchasers of our NFT’s, nor us as a business.

We as a business are in this for the long journey, true utility from a long term sustainable business.

We are passionate optimists about both the OMNI Money application and the global financial markets and have 100% confidence that the good times will return. What would be dis-ingenious now would be for us to go ahead with proposed full sale in a marketplace that is currently facing short term uncertainty.

Market sell-offs such as this can be hard for many participants, and our thoughts are with all those affected. But, in the longer term these markets will be healthier for the experience, have utmost faith. Sell-offs like that which we have witnessed are needed, to weed out the weaker positions and to ensure longer term sustainable prosperity. Cyclical.

Therefore, to protect our initial NFT holders, our community, we are proposing a phased sale of the OMNIBird NFT’s starting 14th June 2022.

Phase 1 will see the release of 999 OMNIBird NFT’s

Reduced mint price for Private Sale with WL will be 0.0777 ETH

Reduced mint price for Public Sale will be 0.0999 ETH

Further phase releases are proposed as thus, with prices determined at point of release, but never at the detriment to the Phase 1 price:

Phase 2 – 2,000 OMNIBird NFT’s
Phase 3 – 3,000 OMNIBird NFT’s

Phase 4 – 4,000 OMNIBird NFT’s

There will be no pause between phases, once one phase is sold, the next will begin.

The perks associated with each OMNIBird NFT remain unaffected and the OMNI Roadmap has if anything been accelerated by this step.

We have taken these steps because it is the right thing to do, not only for the community but also for us as a business. We have a long-term vision and will deliver on all our promises to holders, the steps taken are based on financial prudence and understanding of consumer appetite.

Positivity is a trait learned and practised, like any other skill set. We at OMNI Money are positive of the future of our business, positive of the future for the global financial markets, and positive that the steps we take today better serve all concerned with the OMNI community.

With good grace, respect, and warmth of heart we wish you all great fortune and health.

The OMNI Founders

Russell Thomas & Stuart Rex