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The Cost of Living Crisis and how OMNI will help
May 27, 2022
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With rising living costs and inflation hitting economies all around the world, it is becoming even harder for people to stay on top of their finances.

"We firmly believe there isn't enough support for people to truly understand their financial position" - Russell Thomas, co-founder of OMNI

This is why we have built an application which enables users to manage and track all their finances in one place, no matter the provider. OMNI offers you a precise and true reflection of your financial situation, assisting you to build greater financial confidence and independence. Plan intelligently, spend smartly and gain complete control of your finances.

Nobody should be left behind when it comes to personal finance and this is why our aim is to create a level playing filled within society.

Hit the link below to find out more about how OMNI Money will enable you to take control of your finances by seeing everything in one place!